Social Media Battalions:

VPF is a platform that encourages the youth to work not only for their own future, but for the glorious and prosperous future of their Nation as well. For the ease and tackling of each and every forum.

There are 4 battalions that are working with all their zeal and zest.

Social Services Social Media Squad

Striking Force Battalion

Social Media Warriors


Social Media Commandos Crew

Structure of Decision-Making Volunteer Force Pakistan

Strategic Council of Volunteer Force Pakistan

Who take all the Strategic decisions of the organization within the country and outside the country. SC consists of Strategists.

Governing Body

Who leads the campaigns, lead the organization and implement the instructions given by Strategic Council. Governing Body consists of Influencers & Strategist of Volunteer Force Pakistan which is 3rd highest rank of the organization seniority wise.​

Central Executive Council of Volunteer Force Pakistan

Central EC is a group of activists of VFP from across the country to make communication at central level and to keep the other cities up to date and to give and take feedback on events, campaigns and social media related issues.

Local Bodies of Volunteer Force Pakistan

Local Body is formulated to undertake the local issues of a city/province. Eg; Events, Promotion of Members, finalizing dates for events and to collect reports from members. Minimum requirement is Contributor to become part of Local Body.

Battalions and Social Media Council

Volunteer Force Pakistan have formulated a a SMC who leads Social Media of Volunteer Force Pakistan which consists of SM Managers, Head and Deputy Battalions.

Heads and Deputies further leads their respective Battalions in separate groups. Anyone having will to contribute on social media can become part of Battalion and anyone having leadership skills and Social Media Knowledge can lead a Battalion of minimum 20 people. Currently we have four Battalions.

Focal Person & Mayors

All the focal persons and mayors are also gathered in a single group to keep other focal persons and mayors up to date to boost up the moral and to share plans and suggestions for the better.

R&W Council

Research and Writing Cell is being made to prepare youth to do research and to enhance writing skills so they can write for themselves, society, Pakistan & Islam R&W Council train members about writing and conveying their message on Social Media platforms.

General Groups

Anyone can become part of our General groups by providing authentic details about her/himself.

Quick Response Force

QRF department is created specifically to guide new fellows. They first train them, tell them basic ABC of VFP and they refer to concern authorities. They give them basic literature about VFP &This system is being followed by whole VFP.

Operations Team

Volunteer Force Pakistan operations team: deals with the posts on the official accounts to make the public well aware of all the facts, figures and upcoming events.