Message by Founder and President

Usman Raza Jholana

“Being a Muslim I was always taught about altruism and Esar . But when I had stepped in professional life I always felt a gap between what was taught during my early days of education. This thing clicked my mind to initiate volunteerism and to start an organization that voluntarily helps mankind in various sectors of life.”

It was just a minute’s effort at my end to initiate Volunteer Force Pakistan and to begin working in segments that were lacking behind in many aspects.

This caravan is Full of Hustling passionate souls all across Pakistan and the Globe.  I see glorious glimpses of Volunteer Force Pakistan serving Pakistan and serving humanity in future.

Baseline of Volunteer
Force Pakistan

Over Agenda

Areas of working

“Volunteer Force Pakistan is a non-profit youth organization which is well-organized, researched based & has an influential network of Diversified & Dynamic Youth of Pakistan.”

We don’t merely believe in slogans. We believe
in Work and Passion. Our aims and objectives
are based on 6 pillars:


Prepare the youth for 5th Generation warfare, connect them with deep rooted values.


Real Women Empowerment


To empower youth from backward areas of Pakistan


Social Media shift from destructive to constructive.


To promote tourism and people to people connectivity


Welfare of the people not only with the money but through different means by equipping them with knowledge and wisdom


Success Stories