"Volunteering will not make you a millionaire money-wise, but it will make you a billionaire blessings-wise."

"Volunteer Force Pakistan"

| IMPORTANCE OF VOLUNTEERISM | Volunteer Force Pakistan is an Initiative for Youth to help them realize about volunteerism.Volunteerism is a great "Sunnah" to act upon because our "Prophet(PBUH)" is the best volunteer in the world who taught to help others, society & beyond ourselves.Quaid-e-Azam volunteered himself to build Pakistan even he was seriously ill, having the danger of losing his life. There are number of examples around the world and in our beloved Pakistan. If we all start Practicing Volunteerism, this world will be a better place to live in!

"5th Generation Warfare & Initiative of Social Media Conclave by Volunteer Force Pakistan"

By : Usman Raza Jolaha


Since, Social Media have arrived it brought many opportunities for its users and it connected different communities, culture, religion and languages on a single platform that is internet & social sites. It helps people to show their talent to peoples who used to complain they are not given chance on media channels, film or any field they wanted in. You got a talent, make a video and upload it on social media. If your talent is worth appreciating than people will make you famous within hours and you will become a social media celebrity. Not only individuals but also Social Media have impact at globe, from American Elections to Arab Spring to Refugees of Syria. Social Media have influenced the global politics and forced International powers and countries to change their policy. Social Media causes end the years old monarchy of Kingdom in Arab Countries. Blogs and Bullets have quoted “New media technologies and social sharing have been credited with a large role in mobilizing the popular protests that brought down regimes in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011 and sparked bloody struggles throughout the Arab world.” In 2011, Twitter and Facebook were used to mobilize protests and get support from people. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya & Bahrain were four major countries who got affected with social media. Protest started from Facebook and Ended with millions of people on roads demanding Kingd to step down and even bullets was unable to stop tweets and finally tweets won. CIA still blames Russia that they manipulated data and Information on internet that helps Trump to win Presidential Elections and the one photo of a kid at the beach “Alan Kurdi” Influenced the European Union to change their policy for refugees. A website named npr quoted “Now the image has become the focus of a study examining how a single photo of a single individual could stir the emotions and arouse public concern more powerfully than statistical reports of body counts, which at that point — five years into Syria's civil war — had reached the hundreds of thousands. Until the photo appeared in September 2015, people did not seem focused on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. But Aylan's photo mobilized empathy and concern, soon bringing in record donations to charitable organizations around the world to aid the victims.” When we talk about opportunities than there are also threats & Challenges every country is facing from their enemies because social media is an easy battle field to fight which is cost effective and world name it 5th Generation Warfare. 5th Generation Warfare doesn't require tanks, jets and bullets but only content, graphics and videos to win minds, misguide and bring down the moral of a nation. Pakistan is facing worst consequences of this Warfare due to its multi linguistic, multi ethnicity, sects & cultures. Enemies use the rhetoric of Pashtoons, Baluchis and Punjabis to create anarchy in state which definitely serve the objectives of enemies and weaken the state. Unfortunately Pakistanis are already depressed and they get easily trapped in such campaigns on social media and support the rhetoric of enemies unintentionally. One of the major campaign Pakistan facing is against our security institutions to demoralize the morals of Forces by creating an opinion against them. There are some powers who are building an opinion against Pakistan Army that they are looters, biased and unfair with some ethnic groups of Pakistan that is totally wrong and unacceptable because Pakistan Army have the great contributions and Army gave 35,000 lives to bring peace in the country. Pakistan Army is the institution from which enemies fear the most and they don't dare to see us with evil eyes due to Armed Forces. So, we need to create awareness on stare level to prevent this lost by different means that can be training youth of Pakistan to counter enemies agenda because 70% users on social media are the youth. If we do not train our youth and aware them on 5th Generation Warfare we can suffer at large and frustrated youth will play in the hands of enemies which will cause internal uncertainty, Instability and anarchy. We need to spread awareness to overcome threats, challenges and Social Media Conclave is a step toward it because what we know about 5th Generation Warfare is good but not enough. Join, Support and Participate in Social Media Conclave to know about 5th Generation Warfare so you can counter Cyberwarfare against Pakistan, highlight softer image of Pakistan at globel level and make an identity of peaceful existing power.

"Social Media"

It is the social media. We are facing the massive campaign against Pakistan of social media weaponization. Our ideology is being neglected, negative propaganda at it's peak against our homeland and also our young population is in the phase of psychological warfare. We will train youth to counter Social Media wars by sitting at home.

Our Team



A star wrapped in skin When he started his journey was being criticized for his Desi accent, now the same man is a Living Inspiration and has the most influential accent. He is Renown youth Speaker Delivered his talks at numerous universities, police and int’l and national conferences. He always feel proud to represent Pakistan on various significant National & International Forums. He was the Youngest delegate to attend SCO at China Founder of Volunteer Force Pakistan IR scholar and Youth activist & V logger Traveller& Explorer Dreamer. He is founder Volunteer Force Pakistan.He aim to become Foreign Minister of Pakistan.


Mr. Salman is Director marketing at WAPEXP which is Faisalabad's leading institution training local youth of Faisalabad to earn online. He is working for the Youth from last 8 Year in Faisalabad and conduct awareness sessions with Wapexp family in different universities and colleges. He have working experience with Happy Home school system since 2014 and Right now working with his Institute Family from Startup.



Waqas Ali

Waqas Ali, Strangist and Director Outreach Volunteer Force Pakistan. He is the boy who has everything: he owns a business, a life partner, and enough money to waste on hopping and traveling. He is a boy who has enough money to spend on parties and clubs, who had travelled all across Pakistan, and had dinners with celebrities and politicians. But he never felt satisfied because he found that there was a missing element in his life, and this missing element is to living for a cause and mission: to do something for Pakistan. For the past several years now, he has contributed in all ways to the development of youth in Pakistan.


The man, enjoying a government job, and a handsome salary with 6 digits followed by subsidies, who was once a religious extremist, but balanced his life. The one who was given less importance among other people, but times proved he was worth importance and he had extra potential. He served in key positions at national level in many organizations and helped them to achieve highest level targets. He often said in the toughest situations, "O chlo koi nai kar lain ge." (Oh, it's okay, we'll manage it well.) He has made goals to serve society and Pakistan instead of himself. He wants to help youth achieve their needs at personal and professional levels. He is kind and soft-hearted, living his life with joy.




Teenage boys usually live their lives spending time in cinemas parks hotels restaurants, concerts, and social media chatting with the opposite gender.But Awais spent his teenage years arranging youth development programs in the orphanage houses, helping youth explore Pakistan, giving awareness about 5th Generation warfare to fight against the enemies of Pakistan, and highlighting a softer image of Pakistan on the internet.He also helped people older than his age to achieve their targets through career counseling, seminars, and conferences.


A girl living hundred miles away from the Capital of Pakistan but have influenced the decisions taken in Islamabad through her twitter account by awareness campaigns on social media for rising issues of Pakistan. She is known as Social Media lady who uses social media for the needy and deserving and become their voice to get rights by sitting in an area almost like a village. She used her SM for oppressed Kashmiris, for the freedom of Palestinians, and she also speaks for the Syrians and Iraq. She is married, but she has same commitment to serve country just like she had before getting married.


52% of Pakistan

There are two powers in the world, one is the sword & other is the pen . There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women. 52% of Pakistan’ contribution of women: According to a survey girls are being active to boys on doing volunteer themselves. This is a very good gesture of positive competition so, females can take part in counter ivy enemies agenda by sitting at house who wanted to do something great for the country because social media is the big battle and our enemies have surrounded with different means of social media influencing the heart and mind of youth with a mobile and internet connection females can promote positive image of Pakistan , show real face of Pakistan ‘s beauty also can support the freedom movement of Muslims around the world.

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